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I'm a combat veteran, served with the Marines, Upon returning to the states, i found myself having to explain my actions or lack of to everyone i came across. questions like, why don't you like going to the beach?, whats not to like about the beach?..why do you always sit with your back against the wall? why do you always take a corner booth when we go out to lunch or dinner? why don't you like going out anymore? why don't you like to be around a lot of people? Jesus, that's not loud, why does that bother you? why do you always like to wear your sunglasses indoors and outdoors, whether its sunny or not?...... and so on and so on, I'm tired of explaining myself to others. When i first saw this documentary, i was taking back by it in the first few minutes(flashbacks) so i left the room and then returned within a few minutes. I realized that this documentary was giving the explanation for me. It was good to know that someone other than myself was taking the initiative in trying to explain what PTSD was and what are some of the affects of a TBI (Traumatic Brian Injury) I'm done trying to justify myself to others and so i sincerely hope that this documentary reaches a broader audience in the future...thank you for educating, because so many of us veterans, returning to the states are misunderstood!

April 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJorge

Thanks, Jorge. Our hope is that a lot more people will understand enough to get off your back and figure out ways to simply understand you and give you the space you need to really come home. Hang in there, we're paying attention. Bill

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBetty Kilbride