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Here are a few of the comments received from viewers at the recent Psychotherapy Networker Conference in Washington, DC. Thank you to all who came to the screenings and to the workshop.

Very powerful
What a powerful and moving experience! This could easily have been a full day workshop for those of us already tasked with providing services to veterans. thank you Networker for providing me this learning opportunity!
I was quite pleasantly surprised by the movie. I don't work with adults so at first I wasn't thinking that the DVD would be all that applicable but the documentary was so powerfully executed that I walked away with much more than I ever expected.
The style of the therapist,he was very person centered,letting the vets and family's tell thier stories,encouraging their poetry and developing a strong sense of community within.
Powerful movie. Family who came in support
This is work that needs to be demonstrated.
Again, being reminded what the veterans have done.
Understanding how PTSTD affects the victim, their family, and the community.
liked that it was a different way of approaching the issues
Useful in my practice.. I work with veterans and their families.
Relevant to personal therapy.
Very well done movie, having the parents of one of the vets be able to speak on their own behalf.
I liked the film. There wasn't really any teaching after the film, just an interview with a couple of the participants.
I work with military men and women back from deployment so this session was helpful in understanding their trauma.
Film was excellent and very moving.
Incredibly powerful.....I had know idea what I was in was among the most meaningful experiences I had at the Symposium. The filming was superb, thought provoking and very moving.
Keep and have additional sessions durring main confrence.
The presentation was helpful in work with the military and gave great insight about the healing process in a group modality.
Excellent. Profound. Relevant.
The film was very moving- I was amazed by the resiliance of the participants and their family members. I loved the multicultural aspects of the film as well.
Interesting method
it clearly met it's objectives
Very moving documentary
Learning more about PTSD is very necessary and helpful at this time in life. Their expertise is great
Quality and impact of the film, openness of family members and individuals in the film,
The movie was amazing, and really powerful to watch as a clinician working with alot of trauma. It was also really incredible to have the family of one of the veterans in the audience.
This film really brought alive the horror of war...I better , now, can help people who have gone through this.
This was a very powerful movie. The process of watching different group members develop their voices and be able to access pain with the support of the group was very moving.
Very moving
I liked the general suggestions and guidelines for how to develop and introduce a PTSD group program to the public or to a broader audience.

April 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBill McMillan