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Recent Happenings with the film

A very successful screening on 7/28 at the SORCC (Southern Oregon's VA hospital), attended by about 60, mostly Vets, and much thanks to Chris Petrone, the OEF/OIF Program Manager and the rest of the staff at the VA.  It was an honor to be able to screen the film in this venue and shows just how creative and willing to go outside the box this particular VA is.  Bob Eaton came and talked about his experience on the retreat, what Vets need, and then entertained us with a couple of songs.  What a star!

Now we are on to the Veterans for Peace/Irag and Afghanistan Veterans Against the War National Conference next week (8/4) in Portland.  That screening is also open to the public  3:45 on August 4 at Lincoln Hall on the Portland State Campus.

In other news, we were selected to be in two more festivals in the fall - can't name them yet but we are spreading out.  Remember, this isn't just a veteran's film - its for and about all of us.  Please contact us if you would like to set up a screening in your community.

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